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            欲しいモノ 何でもそろうGrowing Navi 産業と暮らしのプラットフォーム Yuasa Growing

            History Of YUASA

            1666 Founded in Kyoto by Shokuro Yuasa
            1674 Opened outlet in Edo (Tokyo)
            1910 Hankou Sales Office is established as a base for trade with China
            Jun. 1919 Established Yuasa Shichizaemon Shoten with capital of 2 million yen (head office in Kyoto, branch offices in Tokyo and Osaka ,Dalian, Shanghai, Hankou, Tianjin)
            Oct. 1940 Changed company name to Yuasa Hardware Co., Ltd.
            Sep. 1959 Exports to North America begin with the establishment of a Trade Division within the head office
            Aug. 1962 Yuasa Hardware Co., Ltd. was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
            Jan. 1970 Established a subsidiary in USA
            Sep. 1974 Established a subsidiary in Thailand
            Jun. 1978 Changed company name to Yuasa Shoji Co., Ltd.
            Jan. 1981 Overseas representative office established in Jakarta, Indonesia
            Apr. 1992 Yuasa Shoji Co., Ltd. merged with Yuasa Sangyo (Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd.). The new company retained the names Yuasa Shoji Co., Ltd. in Japanese and Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd. in English
            May. 1994 Established a subsidiary in Taiwan
            Apl. 1995 Overseas representative office established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
            Apl. 1997 Established a subsidiary in Malaysia
            Apl. 1998 Overseas representative office established in Manila, Philippines
            Feb. 2002 Established a subsidiary in Shanghai, China
            Apl. 2004 Established a subsidiary in Indonesia
            Apl. 2008 Overseas representative office established in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
            Feb. 2009 acquired ISO14001 certification by office in Japan
            Mar. 2011 Established a subsidiary in India
            Mar. 2012 Established a subsidiary in Vietnam
            Aug. 2013 Established a subsidiary in Mexico
            Aug. 2014 Head office relocated to Kanda after 288 years
            May. 2016 Reached the 350th anniversary since the foundation of the company
            Apl. 2017 "Growing Together 2020" medium-team bussiness started
            Jun. 2019 Celebrated the 100th anniversary since the establishment of our company